Alright, so last time I offered America the trade of Alberta for Oregon and Washington State with very few takers. This time, closer to the deadline, I'm willing to reduce the asking price to Maine, Western New York and a Hampshire to be named later. » 7/29/14 7:50pm Yesterday 7:50pm

Look, I'm as anti-public spending on private stadiums as anyone but it's not blackmail. If people put such an emphasis on sports teams within their municipalities that governments actually feel the pressure to give hundreds of millions of dollars to teams then it's the fans in those cities who are ultimately to blame.… » 7/29/14 7:15pm Yesterday 7:15pm

Well, WAR "counts defense" in as much as there's a defensive component to it but the reality is that a terrible defensive player who is a DH doesn't have their WAR hurt by their defense whereas someone who is a lousy firstbaseman does. Edgar's WAR is helped by the fact that he wasn't in the field, not hurt. » 7/28/14 2:54am Monday 2:54am

Oh my god. Re: #1. So, the boyfriend and I go to this "miracle berry" party on Friday and these miracle berries are these things where you let them dissolve on your tongue and sour foods taste sweet all of a sudden. So I'm just going crazy eating Lemons and Limes like they're candy which is exactly what they taste… » 7/28/14 12:27am Monday 12:27am

Not all money in baseball is guaranteed, baseball just has bare minimums and doesn't stop teams from constructing their own contracts. In MLB you can sign a player to a deal with five option years that the team can just walk away from if they want. » 7/25/14 7:51pm Friday 7:51pm